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Ravya About

In 2008, an idea began its journey with the thought How this powerful yet a common Indian Herb can be presented in more of its Natural, Healthier, Tastier and in an Adaptive form. Yes, we are talking about Turmeric, the holy herb. It is mildly aromatic, pungent bitter flavored herb. This herb is popular all around the world, especially in making Indian Curries because of its beautiful Golden Yellow Colour. Along with that Turmeric has been used for it cosmetic properties as a face mask or as a paste, it’s been over 2000 Years Buddhist monks have been using this herb to dye their robes, even priests of temples use turmeric while performing prayers to their deities. It has been over 6000 Years India is using this herb, Marco Polo had also mentioned about it in 1280 AD in his travels.

why ravya?

These days health experts around the globe are talking about Turmeric and the world wants to know How can we get it included in our daily meal in a pure, natural and convenient way. Since 2008 our team was working on the different available varieties of turmeric around India, different blends for higher benefits, the appropriate ratio to overcome overdose. Ravya is a bag having best of the available turmeric verities, in the best available form as at the stage of processing and blending has been done under expert supervision with the help of CTCP technique.