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Ravya: Your companion to start a healthy day with a Healthy Habit."One sip of a humble cup of chai with flavors that unveils true colors of cultural richness around the globe."A cup of brewed tea sitting on your table, spreading the aroma in your room, and refreshing your mind at the dawn of the day is the most invigorating way to wake up your senses. The above imagery has been registered in almost all minds when talking about tea and its tang, isn't it?But, hold on!Here's a fact- no two teas can be born twins. What your neighbour prepares to kick start her day is very different from the magic you pour into your cup each morning. However, some chai flavours are just hard-to-resist and, thus, require consistency all through the nation, in fact, the world. Ravya is a tea brand that establishes this flavor consistency naturally for you to cherish rich Indian zest from anywhere in the world. From herbals to regular, from turmeric to rose and chamomile, Ravya has gathered the fiery sense of different Tea blends from soothing Herbals to Tangy Indian spices with a twist drawing energy from famous plantations of India and around the World in easy-to-carry sachets. Let's discover your flavorsome cup of Tea with Ravya .




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Turmeric milk is one of the rarest combinations being designed by Ravya drinks. This is a combination of antioxidants and protein which would surely bring on an excellent result on its consumption. This is one of the best components which would take on a defended approach for health conditions to come up without any objection. If you are suffering from headache, running nose, fever and other kind of skin infections, this would truly act as a best element to reduce the problems easily.